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QUALIFICATIONS - B.Sc. Hons Biochemistry, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia | Graduate Diploma with distinction Nutrition Medicine, RMIT, Melbourne | Currently working towards Psychology qualifications from Monash University, Melbourne. INTERESTS & ACTIVITIES - Human and Environmental Toxicology, Computer programming and developing online health tools using data visualisation that provides a practical human benefit.

List of Hair, Water, Soil and Dust analyses of Heavy Metals, Metalloids and Minerals

Here is an active and growing list of some interesting analyses of Hair, Water, Soil, Dust and Sedimant completed in the last few years. All anlayses check for 32 heavy metals, metalloids and minerals using the latest PerkinElmer ICP-Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) equipment from Environmental Analysis Laboratories (EAL) in Lismore, NSW, Australia. Many thanks to our clients who put their trust in us. THE BOTTOM LINE: The main purpose of these analyses is to reveal possible long term exposure to harmful toxic metals in adults and children.

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Hair Test for Toxic Heavy Metals & Minerals using Australian Laboratory

Also called a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HMA or HTMA). This hair test now available in Australia due to collaboration between state-of-the-art government accreditated Environamental Analysis Laboratory (EAL) at Southern Cross University in NSW and Toxtest. There is a delicate balance between sufficient nutrient intake and toxic chemical load. The detoxification system within humans has innate learning capabilities comparable to our immune system and our brain. At this point in history (2019), our exposure to unfettered horrendous chemicals increases daily. Like many other areas in life, imbalance leads to illness and anxiety.

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