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Detection of toxic heavy metals in human drinking water
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  • DESCRIPTION: Toxtest is collaborating with EAL to bring to the public a means to test their drinking water. Most importantly we are presenting the results using creative visualisation techniques that enable you to get the most from the results.

    This human drinking water analysis is also the natural flow on test if you got elevated toxic metal results in our Human Hair Test and a subsequent investigation was inconclusive as to the exposure source of the metal or water was suspected as a contamination source.

    EAL offers very competitive pricing on a wide range of testing for home, recreational, civil commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. Water/liquids testing includes analysis of standard water, wastewater, extracts and effluent analysis. Standard waters include: drinking water, bore water, dam water, spring and creek water, ground water, subterranean water and tank water for physical, chemical and bacteriological parameters.

    EAL also routinely conducts environmental monitoring of waters for physiochemical parameters, metals, contamination, nutrients, salts, bacteria and algal biomass.
    "The Drinking Water Guidelines are intended to meet the needs of consumers and apply at the point of use, for example at the tap. They are applicable to any water intended for drinking, irrespective of its source (municipal supplies, rainwater tanks, bores, or point-of-use treatment devices) or where that water is to be used (in homes, restaurants etc.)"
    An Introduction to the Australian and New Zealand Guidelines for Fresh and Marine Water Quality

    "Visualization is critical to data analysis. While tables are necessary to record the data, it is usually very difficult to distinguish pattern in tables of numbers, particularly for large data sets. Graphs, however, allow the reader to see complex data sets simply and concisely. Plots can reveal hidden structure in the data, and outlying or unusual results, and they enable preconceived ideas to be challenged."
    National Water Quality Management Strategy, Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 6, 2011, Version 3.1 Updated March 2015
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    NOTE: All test fees are paid directly to Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL) at Southern Cross University, Australia with details on order form below

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  • LAB DETAILS: Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL); SOUTHERN CROSS UNIVERSITY; PO BOX 157, LISMORE NSW 2480; Phone: 02 6620 3678

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Here are some of the latest examples, revealing what results look like.

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Metals and metalloids included in this test that are potentailly toxic to humans.

These are active links that take you to a full substance profile on Toxno. From there you can also see many healthy associations and known toxic effects. Note that chromium and manganese are also human nutrients.

Aluminium Antimony Arsenic Barium Beryllium Bismuth Cadmium Cobalt Chromium Lead Manganese Mercury Nickel Silver Strontium Thorium Uranium

Additional minerals also included in this test. These are also, all, human nutrients.

Note that high intake or exposure to levels of nutrients that go beyond the recommended upper intake levels can also be toxic and as such have adverse health consequences. They can also affect the aesthetics of the water.

Calcium Boron Copper Iron Lithium Magnesium Molybdenum Phosphorus Potassium Selenium Sodium Sulphur Vanadium Zinc

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