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The main purpose of this test is to reveal possible exposure to harmful toxic metals. We do this so that you can then do something about it.

Why is this exposure a problem? As metals accumulate in your body over time, and many of them do, they add to the already overwhelmed workload of our ancient detoxification system. They interfere in mostly negative ways with our cellular metabolism. Left unchecked this eventually progresses, and often in this order > accumulation of metal in body tissues > metabolic and cellular disruption > physical or mental signs > physical or mental symptoms > chronic or recurrent illness and morbidity.

More than half of the Metals & Minerals we test are known to be toxic, dangerous, carcinogenic or have unknown effects on humans. Long red bars in your results make it imperative to investigate possible exposure routes and consider follow-up with Water, Soil or Dust tests. Evidence indicates that the Heavy Metals with longer red bars correlate well with even low levels of recent consistent exposure.



The objective of this visualisation is to make your result interpretation simple, quick and immediately clear and actionable. The colour and length of the coloured bars communicate the level of detected metal and how your level compares to the "norm" or government guidelines.

For example


A beige coloured bar indicates that the level of metal detected in your sample is close to the population average. If however your result is greater than four times our sample population average, the bar turns red. Additionally a warning message is shown underneath if your result is greater than twice our sample population average.


We have ordered the individual results; the potentially more nasty metals are shown in the first section and sorted alphabetically.

Note that in the "Additional Minerals tested" section, the bars don't turn red unless they fill the entire length of the range shown. This is simply to avoid unnecessary distraction. Caution messages are however shown if bars grow greater than twice the population average

There are links within your results that take you to further information. All links are in blue.

Metal name links take you to the substance profile on our sister site – Toxno. We are gradually creating much more extensive and detailed accounts of exposure routes for all these metals. Clicking on the LEAD and CHROMIUM blue links are examples of what is coming. You can also see other people’s results by clicking on compare.

Additional information includes your actual result expressed as mg of the metal per kg of your hair, an estimated population range to help provide context for your results, the date and Laboratory Job or ID number and any additional sample details. LOD stands for “Limit of Detection”

We discuss additional aspects of this test and its interpretation, including limitations of the test, in the "Hair Testing Info" link below


First, DO NOT embark on elaborate and often dangerous detoxification procedures just because your results contain red bars. The first thing to do is to identify possible exposure sources of those elements with red bars. These exposures can originate both from within the body or from contact with food, water, air or other aspects of your environment.

The exposure may have been happening for many months - even at low doses. Elucidation of possible exposure routes is best done in combination with a thorough health history (in consultation with a health professional) and follow-up testing as indicated.

Second, red bars do not mean that exposure to this compound at this point in time is causing you symptoms or even harm. However, longer red bars are indicative of higher exposure concentrations and as such may increase the risk of adverse health effects in the long term, particular if the element has known adverse effects (via toxicology studies) on human tissues.

The strategy then is to identify the source of any unwanted exposures, do the best to minimise further exposure, retest in the future and eat a nutrient dense diet, drink sufficient water, have saunas (know to efficiently excrete some toxins), get at least 8 hrs sleep and avoid long term stress. Only consider chelation therapy if sources of toxic chemicals have been identified, exposure minimised and any identified symptoms correlate well with the known toxicology profiles of the metals in question.

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